What do Creators get?

Creators are the core of our ecosystem. The whole DAO is built around creators to facilitate the lesser known and established Individual Artists who are lost in the sea of pfp and derivative projects in the NFT world. We aim to evolve ourselves and devote all the time and energy to benefit the creators from Day 0. Following are the planned creator benefits which will keep on increasing as we grow and evolve.
  • Access to the vibrant, active and involved community of the DArt DAO.
  • Free lifetime spot in the 3D virtual Gallery.
  • Access to Marketing and Sales assistance, pricing strategy and from DAO.
  • Access to Endorsement for WDAF.
  • Access to our custom NFT marketplace (planned).
  • Freedom, to focus only on Art and not the technical side of things like smart contract, gallery, social media management, website management, marketing etc.
  • Custom Artist profile (subject to fulfilment of pre requisites.)
  • WDAF 2022 Entries will be minted on our own platform over BSC.
  • Enjoy low fees of 10% on your artwork.