How to join the DArt DAO?

This is a NFT Membership based DAO, i.e. The membership to the DAO will be accessible via a Membership Card available as an ERC721 Token or NFT which can be purchased here.
DArtDAO Membership NFT
  • The total number of membership NFTs are 15000.
  • The total number of Membership NFTs available for Public sale are 13500 (90% of total)
  • 10% of the total, 1500 membership NFTs are minted to the creator to help them with partnerships and sponsors and core team stakes.
  • Price per Membership NFT = 1000 BUSD + Gas. The price has been strategically set to avoid flippers but yet allow a low entry barrier.
To join the DAO, 1 Membership NFT is enough. Each Membership NFT = 1 vote.
You can mint the Membership NFT from this link.