What do DAO Members get?

The members who join the DArt DAO are valuable to bootstrap the vision and here's what they get in return to share the dream together :
  • Access to communicate and participate within a Fascinating community of like minded people who share the same vision and are enthusiastic to make things happen.
  • Control over the Direction and Future of the Community, Investments and In-House Projects.
  • Distributed Ownership and control over World Class Digital Assets which are too costly to own as an individual.
  • Revenue sharing from :
    • Annual WDAF ticket sales.
    • WDAF NFT sales.
    • Closed and Open Auctions.
    • Secondary market Sales.
  • Increase in value of Blue Chip Projects.
  • Discounted tickets for WDAF.
  • Community Rewards for active participation , nomination for roles and accepted proposals.
  • Voting and governance power to steer the future of DAO.