These are the goals that the DAO has set itself upon to achieve with its inception:
  • Give Back to the Community using various means agreed upon and voted by the DAO.
  • Give back to the Art Community by helping and bringing out brilliant but undervalued creators and communities and provide them with opportunities, platform and recognition.
  • Collectively own World Class Digital Assets of Value like : PFP Projects, Lands in Metaverse, Art, Collectibles, Domain Names, Music, Virtual Worlds etc.
  • Collaborate with World Class Artists, Curators, Collectors for exclusive Auctions and Collections.
  • Art Exclusive Marketplace Development.
  • Private and Public Auctions.
  • Community staking and reward distribution.
  • Create our own Cutting Edge and Flagship Metaverse, Virtual Worlds and other Digital Asset Projects.
  • Invite and Allow Submissions all around the year and curate the best collections to store or sell.
  • Deep Dive, Discuss and Hear the problems of the community, from the community and try to resolve them using the expertise of DAO.
  • Evolve the DAO in to a Problem Solver Collective.